Friday, June 10, 2011


Ok. Rasa macam da lame since last update aku. dua bulan ada tak? Well,not bad la. Takde masa dan takde pencetus nak aku karangkan. Then better mendiamkan diri dari merapu meraban memenuhkan blog aku.

Things happen lately, lots of thing. Tapi rasanya tak perlulah nak dipuisi atau dipantunkan kat sini. Actually, dah ada pun post tentangnya, but like i said. Things happen. Memang terperuk lah post-post yang separuh siap tu dalam kotak draft. Malas, rasanya nak sambung coz da lama sgt. Lapuk.

Nothing special. Still breathing and live a normal life. Got some hot topic huh? No, i think. Im getting closer to the anwser i search for and waiting for the right time to get it. This whole 2 month feels like i been through a long road, or better say high way. All the way, many kind of things get in my head. Learning that, getting this, helping those and too many expression came struck my emotion at once.

Almost fall for all that, I dont know if i have a strong heart or high level of patience. I keep on silence and do nothing, until myself immune from this disease. All that i know ive turned into a doll or wood puppet. Just do my routine, all that keep me alive. Oh,dont mind about the inside, perfectly just like a machine, a robot. I dont have the feelings. Its empty and dark.

End of that. Yeah, nothing perfect in this world. Not me, not them or anyone. It just a normal things if u been forgotten. Well thinking of that, dont expect others to remember u, thinking of u everytime or be by ur side when needed. Know that someday, whoever u care about will leave, dead nor alive. My advise, take it wisely.

Happiness, that is one more great feelings ive learned. Im not get it from a romantic love relationship or anything serious feelings. This time i experienced it from helping others to be one, be happy. I will do anything i could to help them. Seeing their smile, joy and happiness make me feel relieved. I been searching that happiness on the wrong way before this. Actually, ive been doing it all this while without knowing this is the true good ending for me. Now, if U are happy so do me.

Whoaa! i wrote a lot. I thinks its enough for this post. As always still have many un-special stories, but it will take a whole day okay. By the way, im going to my first Ex PSIS reunion next month, eventhough not all of them are coming but i really need this. Kind of vacation, hehe. This time, Pangkor im coming!.

Till my next update, all my frens out there, have a good life. Salam.

p/s : Al Fatihah to my dearest granny Allahyarhamah Siti Aisah, pray u will be in peace.Amin.

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